19 Oct 2015

Chinook Highlighted in New White House “Stop the Bleed” Initiative

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Chinook Medical Gear is proud to be recognized as one of only a handful of companies chosen to promote the new nationwide initiative, “Stop the Bleed”. Chinook attended the forum held at the White House on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

The event marked the launch of “Stop the Bleed”, which seeks to empower bystanders of emergency situations to act as immediate responders to stop life-threatening bleeding. Severe bleeding can claim lives within minutes, potentially before trained medical professionals can respond. Providing bystanders with basic tools and information can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency.

“Stop the Bleed” objectives include:

  • Advance the general public’s awareness of the phrase and associated logo, “Stop the Bleed”
  • Provide access to lifesaving bleeding control kits at home and in public places
  • Provide medical kits that include “just-in-time” audio and visual training

“When dealing with severe hemorrhaging, the best opportunity to improve survivability is at the point of injury,“ explains Ben Crowder, Director of Product Development with Chinook Medical Gear. “Our goal is to help empower anyone, whether bystander or trained professional, to act and save lives the instant severe hemorrhaging occurs. It’s an honor to be aligned with the White House and to help improve the outcome of these horrific events.”
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Chinook was chosen because of the company’s expertise and early advancement of public access bleeding control kits. Medical kits like Chinook’s LIFE Kits are designed to provide the public with immediate access to bleeding control equipment, much like AED stations. Additionally the company launched a new line of Emergency Preparedness Medical Kits (EPMK) in September to further provide affordable bleeding control supplies for the home, office and vehicle.
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To learn more watch Chinook’s LIFE Kit video.

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