08 Jul 2015

Chinook Donates 33 Officer Response Kits to the Wheeling, IL. Police Department

Police officers are often the first on the scene of an emergency, where treating a wounded person before EMS crews arrive can be the difference between life or death. From the Tucson, Ariz. shooting that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to treating victims in the Boston Marathon bombing, police officers around the nation are providing emergency care to injured civilians and fellow officers. However due to budget constraints many police departments still don’t have access to lifesaving medical supplies like tourniquets and pressure bandages.

During National Police Week we asked you to tell us your story about how an officer positively impacted your life. One winner was selected at random, and 10% of Chinook’s website revenue generated during National Police Week May 11th- 15th was donated to the winner’s local police department in the form of medical kits. As previous volunteer of the Wheeling’s Citizens Patrols for the Wheeling Police Department, the winner selected that department to receive the donation. Read the winning story here.

Chinook was able to donate 33 Officer Response Kits (LEMK-OR) to the Wheeling, IL. Police Department.


Chinook LEMK-OR worn on belt


Each of Chinook’s LEMK-OR kits includes supplies for rapid hemorrhage control necessary to increase survivability from traumatic injuries that occur during catastrophic events. The kits donated from Chinook Medical Gear are specifically designed for police to wear on their duty belts. By having the proper medical supplies on hand the Wheeling Police Department is now more prepared to respond to an emergency situation.

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