28 Jan 2014

Chinook Medical Gear Announces New Distribution Partnership with Drop Drop, Inc.

Developed in 2008, Drip Drop improves upon international Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) standards with a precise electrolyte ratio of salts, sugars and other ingredients to hydrate better and faster than anything else on the market. And unlike other oral rehydration solutions, which tend to taste salty, Drip Drop actually tastes good, insuring higher rates of compliance in the field.

Testimonial from relief settings around the world confirms that Drip Drop is a force multiplier: not only does it prevent and treat dehydration of victims and personnel, but it also reduces the volume of water necessary to have in the field,” said

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, Drip Drop’s founder and Chief Medical Officer. “We are pleased to partner with Chinook Medical Gear and extend the benefits of great tasting Oral Rehydration Therapy to everyone who operates in challenging environments.”

Drip Drop has been consistently tested and validated in extreme conditions unique to the armed services, emergency and relief personnel. Since 2010, Drip Drop has worked with international relief organizations to provide assistance following natural disasters Drip Drop is the first hydration solution to combine medical standards with great taste.and famine.

Chinook Medical Gear will sell Drip Drop in dry powder packets, making it both portable and
easy to add to a canteen. Please click here for more information on Drip Drop.




About Drip Drop

Drip Drop is an innovative rehydration solution that combines best-in-class medical technology with great taste. Developed by Eduardo Dolhun MD, a Mayo trained physician and Stanford Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, Drip Drop’s formula helps prevent dehydration, maintain electrolyte balance, and replenish fluids lost through illness or activity. Proven worldwide in the most challenging circumstances, Drip Drop(R) has won early adoption by a broad spectrum of users that include the Stanford University Medical Center, UCSF Medical Center, elite athletes, U.S. Special Forces, humanitarian workers, pharmacists, and patients with chronic illness.

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