10 Sep 2013

Even Changing a Tire Can Go Terribly Wrong

National Preparedness Month - Medical Preparedness

At first glance, you might question the intelligence of the guy changing this tire…he’s wearing sandals and using a jack that is so small, it requires several blocks of wood just to get the wheel off the ground! Well, he’s no dummy and I say this even though this guy is my brother-in-law! The reality of life is that, even the smartest guys and gals, can find themselves unprepared for what may appear to be an everyday situation. He may not have had the right tools to change a tire but at least he had emergency medical supplies to deal with the consequences.

In December 2011, I was hired by Chinook and I bet you can guess what everyone in my family got for Christmas that year. About a year later, my brother-in-law found himself changing a tire in less than ideal conditions and very grateful for this gift. In honor of National Preparedness Month, I asked Jim to share his story and at the end, get a sneak peak at our soon to be released new line of PAKs (Personal Aid Kits).

National Preparedness Month 1

“I wanted to write you about a situation which quite possibly could have been disastrous if it wasn’t for the Chinook medical kit I received from you, Diane.

Sometimes, when dealing with life’s most mundane, a serious situation can easily develop. The real question is, “Are we ready when that time comes?” This is exactly the situation I found myself in a few months back while traveling across Southern Mexico.

National Preparedness Month 4



Our job, as a family, is to work with indigenous folks in and around that area. At times, our job takes us off the beaten path through new terrains often less traveled by big pickup trucks. On this particular day, while off road, I found myself having to fix a nasty flat tire. All seemed fine! Like a typical confident male, I got out of the truck, assessed the situation and reached for my tire iron and jack. This is where things started to go downhill.


National Preparedness Month 3




First of all, I was on rocky ground. Secondly, the tools I needed to do this manly job were insufficient to lift a 3 ton truck. And to top it all off, we had storms in the area producing high winds. Did this stop me from moving forward with changing my tire? Of course not!




National Preparedness Month 5


Thankfully, I was with a number of people, including my parents who were visiting, all of whom were giving me sound advice on how to correctly change this troublesome tire. To add insult to “future” injury, we maneuvered some boards, found a more powerful jack, and eventually finessed the tire off the ground. My job was manning the tire itself. As the tire lifted, I was able to begin to relieve the tire from its stuck position on the axle. Unfortunately, my hand happened to be on top of the wheel, under the wheel well. Just as we were in process, a gust of wind came through the valley and blew the truck off the jack and on top of my hand. I have no idea why I still have a hand today other than a miracle from God.


National Preparedness Month 6


The truck bounced and I was able to pull my hand from between to tire and the wheel well. What I was left with was with a bloodied, swollen hand broken in three places. My father, with confidence, grabbed the med kit provided by my loving, brilliant, wonderful sister-in-law (Hey, I didn’t write that!). He quickly opened up the first aid pouch and had access to everything that we needed for this emergency. He immediately broke open the ice packs and applied them to my hand. The swelling eventually started to subside and he was able to clean the wound, tape and set my fingers, and wrap my hand so I could be transported back to the hospital to see the doctor. Who, I may add, was extremely impressed with the pre-hospital care.
National Preparedness Month 7



How easy it is for a seemingly simple procedure to turn into a possible catastrophe. I can’t tell you, Diane, what a relief it is knowing I am ready for any medical situation that comes my way. Your kits provide that assurance! I’m afraid to think about how this could have ended. Bottom line, you never know when things will happen, you can only be prepared. Thanks for all you do to help us remain safe Chinook!”



Since his accident, Jim has replaced his jack with a far superior one and has refilled and enhanced his medical kit. He has even been asked by his boss to present an emergency preparedness plan to upper management. This plan will include medical training for their staff and Go Bags that include medical supplies as well as other emergency preparedness supplies such as food, water, shelter and personal information necessary when you have to move fast.

To be prepared for your own medical emergency, Chinook offers a full line of Emergency Preparedness Medical Kits (EPMK):

EPMK Level 1EPMK Level 2EPMK Level 3EPMK Level 4


AND COMING SOON! Chinook’s new line of PAKs

(Personal Aid Kits)

We are very excited about this new line of kits. They are designed for any situation that may require medical attention: natural disasters, hunting, backpacking, adventure/sports, vehicle, home and office. They are compact, lightweight, waterproof, inexpensive and, most importantly, designed and built by the same team of experts that build our medical kits for the U.S. Military & Government, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Plus, we use the same high quality products that Chinook customers have come to expect. Best of all, their modularized design allows you the ability to completely customize your medical kit. These kits will be available for purchase this month.

Tell us your story on Facebook of how you were either ‘Johnny On The Spot’ prepared or ‘Up A Creek’ unprepared for a medical emergency and


PAK Severe BleedingPAK Severe Bleeding


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