26 Sep 2013

Chinook PAKs – Seven Ultra-Lightweight, Modular Personal First Aid Kits

Chinook PAKs (Personal Aid Kits)

Created by the same team of professionals that design medical kits for the military, law enforcement and remote expedition groups, Chinook PAKs (Personal Aid Kits) are perfect for backpacking, hunting, hiking, work shops, glove boxes, sports, handbags, diaper bags…anywhere!

Each of the seven lightweight, waterproof Chinook PAKs includes professional grade medical supplies for specific injury types and scenarios:


MinimalistPAK – comprehensive selection of first aid supplies in one small kit, made to travel anywhere. This kit differs from the rest in that by itself, it is a complete first aid kit that will treat most common injuries. Click here to read Outdoor Life’s ‘The Survivalist’ blog post about this kit.


BleederPAK – combat proven supplies to help stop severe bleeding quickly. Click here to read Outdoor Life’s ‘The Survivalist’ blog post about this kit.

Chinook BleederPAK
BurnPAK – a compact, burn injury specific kit

Chinook BurnPAK
GermPAK – protective equipment against airborne pathogens, blood, colds and more

Chinook GermPAK
MedsPAK – complete selection of over the counter medications for common ailments, including headache, hay fever, heartburn, high temperature, dehydration and more

Chinook MedsPAK
ToolPAK – instruments to remove a splinter, check a fever, cut off a boot, and more

Chinook ToolPAK
WoundPAK – supplies to clean, bandage and wrap wounds ranging from cuts and scrapes to blisters and other minor afflictions

Chinook WoundPAK

See the Chinook PAK webpage for more details!

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