27 Aug 2013

Chinook Medical Gear Introduces New Expedition Medical Kit


Designed for backcountry expeditions, Chinook Medical Gear’s new Expedition Medical Kit provides advanced medical supplies where other outdoor medical kits fall short. Click here for a full list of contents and more information about this product.

Most medical kits designed for group expeditions are stocked to treat common and minor injuries, but lack the proper supplies for treating life threatening injuries that can occur in the wilderness. Lessons learned from military and law enforcement applications have largely not been recognized in typical outdoor medical kits, leaving group leaders to risk using improvised tourniquets and standard gauze to control severe bleeding. Chinook’s Expedition Medical Kit, stocked with proven advanced supplies, allows trip medics to perform modern lifesaving first aid techniques to increase the chances of survival in the event of a medical emergency.

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Designed for trip leaders or designated wilderness medics, Chinook’s Expedition Kit contains medical supplies to treat up to 15 people for common backcountry injuries ranging from bleeding, bone fractures, extended wound management, blister care, and hypothermia. Included are advanced supplies not found in other outdoor medical kits, such as a SWAT-T tourniquet, 4″ Israeli bandage, and QuikClot hemostatic agent to stop bleeding fast. Other useful medical supplies such as Dentemp Dental Filling, professional CPR Mask, EMT Shears and a #10 scalpel round out the kit to ensure you’re prepared for the worst situations.

In addition to medical supplies, the new kit contains useful first aid guides, duct tape, insect sting relief supplies, and water treatment drops. Organized by injury type in convenient see-through pockets for quick access, the Expedition kit is available in a soft case, or a rugged waterproof Pelican hard case.

“Having the right medical kit and proper training ensures a group’s success and wellbeing on wilderness adventures,” notes Jessica Denison, COO with Chinook Medical Gear. “Risk management is fundamental in leading any expedition.”

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