22 Aug 2012

Chinook Announces New Line of Advanced Emergency Preparedness Medical Kits

After months of research and product development, Chinook is proud to announce the expansion of our line of Emergency Preparedness Medical Kits (EPMK). The new kits provide all the essential medical supplies and equipment necessary for emergency preparedness and response operations when every second counts.

01377 EPMK - Level 4

Being prepared with the proper medical supplies greatly improves the outcome of any injury and may even save a life. The new collection features four kits geared for those working in hazardous or remote locations, in addition to anyone seeking more than a basic first aid kit to increase the chance of survival in the event of a medical emergency or natural disaster. Unlike basic first aid kits, the EPMK line features advanced medical supplies ranging from survival blankets, bandages and protective masks, to tourniquets, hemostatics, and pressure dressings.

For personal use, occupational and corporate needs, community emergency response teams, and first responders, the new EPMK collection features color coded labels for easy identification and efficient organization. Customers also choose from vacuum sealed, nylon bag or waterproof hard case packaging solutions.

  • Level 1: Designed to be used as a primary first aid trauma kit for short outdoor adventures or hunting trips when medical attention is not readily available, or for anyone seeking more than a basic first aid kit.
  • Level 2: Comprehensive home or vehicle medical kit equipped with the proper supplies to treat multiple injuries when local hospitals and rescue services are unavailable or overwhelmed during medical emergencies or natural disasters.
  • Level 3: Designed for laborers, adventure guides, office personnel, and anyone working in remote locations. Includes more tourniquets, pressure bandages, and hemostatics to effectively sustain injuries when professional care is not readily available.
  • Level 4: Geared for those who have completed a Basic Life Support course and are certified to treat and diagnose patients, including Community Emergency Response Teams and 1st responders. Offering more tourniquets, bandages, and hemostatics, plus the addition of airway management and diagnostic equipment.

The new EPMK collection enables anyone with basic first aid training to provide life-saving initial care when professional help is not readily available. In addition to emergency preparedness medical supplies, Chinook specializes in supplying military units and other emergency first responders with the latest technology in medical containers, modules, supplies and kits.

The new kits and emergency medical supplies are available anytime online at chinookmed.com. Chinook always offers discounted government pricing to all of its customers from government agencies, private military contractors and military agents, to corporations, outfitters, individuals, and emergency medical teams.


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