12 Jan 2011

Law Enforcement Medical Modules – Essential for Critical Situations

Care Under Fire Kit (TMK-CUF) Law enforcement officers often find themselves directly in the line of fire. These well-trained officers have to hold their nerves and react logically in life-threatening situations. Potential threats an officer may face in a day’s work may include hostage situations, armed robbery, chasing fugitives, and many more unpredictable crises. Bullet wounds and stab injuries are common types of injuries a victim or a law enforcement officer may sustain during crisis. That’s why officers should carry law enforcement medical modules that could make a difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

Immediate medical attention is needed for victims with severe stab injuries and bullet wounds. Officers have to rely on emergency medical kits until help arrives. Essentials contained in the law enforcement medical modules have proved to be life saving during critical situations. These efficient medical modules generally contain chest seal and other equipment for immediate medical treatment.All Hazards Kit (LEMK-AH)

Chinook Medical Gear offers a wide range of law enforcement medical kits and emergency medical supplies for officers, tactical rescue teams, military, and combat lifesavers. The online store offers Law Enforcement Medical Module – SWAT (LEMM-SW) and Law Enforcement Medical Module – Patrol (LEMM-PA) designed for immediate treatment of severe hemorrhage wounds. These emergency medical kits contain essential emergency medical supplies required to treat gunshot wounds, knife stabs, and other injuries that may occur during a patrol or a mission.

These medical modules come either in a compact easy-to-carry bag or a pouch that fits easily in an officer’s vest or belt. Gloves, tourniquets, field dressings, and chest seals are present in these emergency medical kits. SWAT teams, Police officers, and emergency response teams can effectively use these emergency medical kits to save lives during an emergency situation.

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