24 Jan 2011

Essential Emergency Medical Equipment

The magnitude of an emergency situation is always unpredictable. For instance, a major catastrophe natural or otherwise can result in unprecedented damage to lives and property. Even well-trained rescue teams may find it difficult to cope with the huge scale of damage caused by a catastrophic event. Rescue teams and first responders should be equipped with first aid kits and emergency medical kits whenever they go on mission.

Rescue teams rely on emergency medical supplies to treat survivors before they can be shifted to hospitals and clinics. Already exhausted, dehydrated, or critically injured, survivors may lose their lives without the necessary first aid treatment that they require before expert medical attention is available. Emergency medical kits play a vital role in saving lives in such situations.

essential-emergency-medical-equipmentThe emergency medical kit they carry should have essential medical supplies such as bandages, dressings, and tourniquets as well as instruments such as scissors, shears, scalpel, and tracheal hook. The emergency medical kit should also have emergency medical equipment such as a CoFlex LF2 Foam BandageCricothyrotomy Set, airway set, and laryngoscope set. With the help of these emergency medical supplies, a trained medic can give immediate medical treatment to the injured person.

Trained medics can use Cricothyrotomy Set and nasopharygeal airway devices to treat respiratory problems. Other essential emergency medical equipment that these medics need to have with them are blood pressure cuffs IV admin sets, and oximeters.

Chinook Medical Gear offers emergency medical kits, first aid kits, medical instruments, and medical equipment for emergency rescue teams, law enforcement personnel, and SWAT teams. All medical instruments and equipment featured on this online store are made from extremely durable and premium materials.

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