24 Dec 2010

Tactical Medical Modules

A tactical medic has to act effectively during a critical situation to save lives. For this, he/she should be well equipped with the necessary equipment and tactical medical supplies. Usually, medics carry equipment and supplies in their backpack or load-bearing vest to give immediate care. Otherwise, to treat a large group, tactical medical supplies are carried in a vehicle or a larger kit.

Field Blood Transfusion Kit

Chinook offers tactical medical modules and tactical medical kits at reasonable prices. Some of the Chinook tactical medical modules are Airway (TMM-AW), Field Blood Transfusion Kit (TMM-FBTK), Dental (TMM-DE), Hypothermia (TMM-HY), Cricothyroidotomy (TMM-CR), and Saline Lock (TMM-SL). These modules contain pertinent Chinook medical supplies that come in handy for that particular treatment.

Airway Tactical Medical Module (TMM-AW) has resources required for airway emergencies. The module has medical supplies such as nasopharyngeal airway, Nitrile gloves, Suction Easy with Adapter, Endotracheal Tube, Stylette, and Magill Forceps.

Wound Closure

Intravenous Tactical Medical Module (TMM-IV) available at Chinook is equipped to start an IV. Some of the efficiently-packed supplies include Nitrile gloves, ChloraPrep Swab, Alcohol Swab, Latex-free Tourniquet, IV Admin Set and Saline Lock with Extension.

Another medical module offered by Chinook is for the Wound Closure (TMM-WC) which comes in a resealable bag for easy access. Povidone Iodine Solution, Irrigation Syringe, Surgical Scrub Brush, Sterile Drape, Webster Needle Holder, and Triple Antibiotic Ointment are some of the contents available in this pack.

Including the above, Chinook offers more tactical medical modules that can be used by teams providing medical emergency services. These medical modules are available at affordable prices at this online store.

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