20 Dec 2010

Emergency Cricothyrotomy

Massive facial trauma and angioedema conditions in battlefields can call for an emergency circothyrotomy procedure. Emergency circothyrotomy is usually performed when there is an obstruction in the thoracic airway and orotracheal or nasotracheal intubation is not possible. The procedure is easy to perform as it doesn’t require cervical spine manipulation.

To perform this procedure, a trained physician normally makes an incision between the thyroid cartilage and the circothyroid cartilage. Following this slit, another transverse incision in the circothyroid membrane is done. To further enlarge the hole, a clamp is inserted and rotated 90 degrees. Later an endotracheal tube with an internal diameter of 6 to 7 mm is inserted to inflate the cuff.

Following this process, a bag valve device preferably with high concentration of oxygen is used to provide ventilation to the person. The pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) can be used for this process. The success of the procedure is monitored by the rise and fall of the chest. The endotracheal tube is removed only after the person is moved to a hospital or a medical care center. The procedure was first given by a French surgeon and anatomist, Vicq d’ Azyr and due to its life saving capabilities, Circothyrotomy gained popularity.

A first responder or a physician who is trained in the circothyrotomy procedure must carry a circothyrotomy set that has a catheter, sterile syringe, and endotracheal tube to handle acute respiratory distress situations with ease.

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